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Why Faith?

Look Into the Distance at the Lighthouse

   Faith is different for everyone. Some think of religion, while others think relationship. Some think about the universe while others think of nature. What does faith have to do with LIFE?

   As the creator of The Life Nest, I envision many things. I have high hopes and dreams that one day, everyone in Niagara will have a safe, caring and nurturing place to come to for direction and healing.  I can see Birthing Centres across the nation where women have more choices; where they can use their creativity, bring their desires into reality and be fully supported in birthing their way. I dream that families from every ethnicity would be given the support needed to thrive. I see a day where all surrogates would have an experienced and loving doula by their side.  All of these hopes and dreams require faith. Because faith is believing without seeing. 

   Because faith plays such a big role in my life and in the life of so many others in our region, we would like to offer our support in this area as well. We fully realize that this support is not wanted by everyone. And we completely understand that. We would never force our ideals or faith based ideology onto anyone. 

   However, if you are feeling broken, lost or confused and would like some direction and are open to healing sessions, meditation, prayer or guidance please reach out to us. We would love to walk this journey with you. We truly believe that even though faith can feel like the waves are crashing all around you, usually with a little help, anyone can see the lighthouse in the distance. 

  Everyone person in our Circle of Care believes that they have a unique way of sharing their light. We value people. We love to offer our gifts to the hurting. We would be honoured to walk by your side. 

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