What is Postpartum Care?


Welcome to the new baby!  Whether this is your first baby, or a precious addition to your family, or maybe you just delivered a surrogate baby. Congratulations! The birth of a child can be one of the most emotionally charged moments in someone's LIFE. After the baby is born, in the postpartum period, come an entirely different set of emotions. We endeavor to support and encourage you to help make this transition time as smooth as possible. 

The role of the doula

A postpartum doula specializes in meeting  the needs of the parent or parents, the needs of the baby as well as any older siblings. Doulas offer practical assistance as well as emotional support. They provide guidance, wisdom and instruction as well as a second set of hands to lovingly care for the new baby. The number one goal would be to empower you and your new family to gain confidence in yourselves to be able to fully take on life's responsibilities. 

Every family requires different needs to be met. Every doula also bring with her a different set of skills and life experiences. Communication is key to building the best relationships and the best outcomes. Your doula would take time during the first visit to go over everyone's expectations. Together you will come up with the best plan of action. This plan will be reevaluated at the start of each week to see how things have been working and if anything needs to change. 

Typical Duties

- Breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding support

- Support with both emotional and physical recovery after birth

- Taking care of the baby so that the primary caregiver can sleep, shower, rest, or clean, etc

- Organizing the baby's nursery and changing station

- Assisting with baby care such as baby wearing, swaddling, burping, and soothing techniques. 

- Troubleshooting as new situations arise

- Light housekeeping such as baby's laundry/dishes/sweeping

- Grocery shopping/errands

- Simple meal or snack prep

- Taking care of older siblings while you are with baby or sleeping

- Providing referral information to local resources as needed

- Telephone, text & email support in between visits. 


Doulas provide non-medical physical, emotional and informational support after the birth of a baby. We help in practical ways and are open to adjusting our duties based on your needs at the time of the visit. Doulas are not doctors or midwives, and thus do not diagnose any medical conditions for the mother or baby, but will refer you to an appropriate health care professional if concerns arise. Doulas do not make specific health claims or promise medical results. Information shared in our visits or in conversation is not intended to substitute for the medical advice of a licensed health care professional. We provide evidence-based education, support and guidance. We do not do larger housekeeping duties, we are restricted from providing transportation for you or your family members, and we do not dispense any medications to any member of the family. We will not take over primary care of the baby or siblings, will not discipline children and we cannot make decisions for you on the best course of action in any circumstance.