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Birth Doulas

Narece Bekker-Thompson


 Hi! I am a mother of three precious gems. And I'm passionate about everything related to birth! I have been a doula for over ten years now and I love it. I have experienced home birth and hospital birth myself. I've attended many various births scenes over the years. 

    I have lots of experience in teaching prenatal classes, supporting women during labour and delivery, as well as helping the family after the baby is born.

     I specialize in listening to your needs and empowering couples to have their needs met. I look forward to meeting you!

Amie Lessard


I'm Amie, a 39 year old mom of 3 and surrogate mom of 4.   I'm an artist and lover of all things pregnancy and birth.   I have experience with fertility, prenatal, birth, and postpartum.  My goal is to empower and educate so that women understand just how strong they are.  Birth is a scary but beautiful time when women need to feel supported, that is the role of a Doula. Pregnancy and childbirth have been at the forefront in my life since I was a teenager and now I am doing what I love, supporting women!

Starla Lazoren-Pilatzke


 As a doula, I see my role as primarily providing important emotional, physical and spiritual preparation for birth and support with the postpartum adjustment. I am also a resource to the women and families I work with by helping navigate medical terminology, protocols and systems, while inspiring in a woman's ability to birth. I provide diplomatic communication skills with hospital staff and nurturing hands to mothers. Perhaps most importantly, I embrace your vision for birth.  

Deanna Pope-Toth


As a doula, I believe beautiful transitions to parenthood are possible with a solid support system. Being pregnant and having a child is a very vulnerable time. It’s important you have people in your corner who can help you achieve the very best birth experience as possible, and who can help you as you begin your parenthood journey.   A doula is like a sister, a mother, or a best friend who literally strives to help you in whatever ways possible in preparation for, during your big day of labour and birth, and in the first weeks of parenthood. To a doula, there is literally nothing more important than you, the birthing person, feeling fulfilled. It’s my mission, to hear a mom/dad say, “wow, that was an incredible experience.”   Together, we will prepare for your transition to parenthood by focusing on physical support, advocacy, information sharing, emotional support, and partner support. I’m looking forward to serving you during your transition to parenthood! 

Allie Kelley


 Hi, I’m Allie - a creative mom of 2 boys, Level 2 Reiki practitioner, relaxation massage therapist and certifying with Doula Canada. I am so excited to be working with families to support, educate and empower them during the prenatal phase and through their labour & delivery. I am also delighted to be serving families with babies as a trained as a postpartum doula. It is my goal to ensure that all families that choose The LIFE Nest, receive the utmost care and support on their birthing journey. I specialize in supporting my clients by teaching them skills and helping them to explore various comfort measures - I work well with my team, with my clients' families, with their support systems and with medical staff to achieve the positive birth experience they deserve.

Courtney Lynch


 As a Doula, my passion is to serve you and support you through your concerns and your goals. I will encourage you to enjoy all the amazing and heartfelt experiences. I will support you through all scenarios. I have experience infertility situations and birthing. I'm a Mom of four, three biological and one who grew in my heart. I will be there to support you and your loved ones through fertility and on to birthing. I look forward to serving you and your loved ones.